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The MOS PAC is the political action committee (PAC) of the Michigan Orthopaedic Society. It is an effective way to voice your concerns about political issues affecting your patients and your practice. By supporting office holders and candidates for office who support MOS’ position on issues, our members will collectively have a significant impact on the legislative process, and continue to ensure that MOS has a voice with our state legislature.

Use the form below to contribute to and support the MOS PAC. After your contribution has been submitted, you will receive an emailed receipt. This will confirm your donation.

Important Notice – Under Federal and Michigan law, only Michigan Orthopaedic Society members can make contributions to our Political Action Committee (MOS PAC) and no contributions to the MOS PAC can be paid with a corporate credit card. Contributions to the MOS PAC are not deductible for Federal or Michigan tax purposes.

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